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Danique Molenkamp - She knows by Dani

“She Knows” – Driven by Passion, Inspired by Women

My name is Danique and I am delighted to share with you the background and my inspiration in creating the “She Knows” range of products.

I grew up in a small village in The Netherlands with a loving, hard working, entrepreneurial family from whom I have learned so much. I’ve always been encouraged to follow my passions, remaining true to my own beliefs and what makes me happy.

I thrive in a positive environment and love working with creative and optimistic people who inspire, encourage, and challenge me! thinking outside the box!

I love to take care of myself, my body, fashion, beauty and cosmetics. Beauty and cosmetics have fascinated me since a young age, even then, researching ingredients, making my own recipe facemasks, performing treatments on my mum, reading blogs and I’m still learning on a daily basis, I love researching the different beauty regimes around the globe, the effectiveness of active ingredients, effects of foods and other factors on our skin and (like most women) I have tried and tested a lot of skincare and cosmetics, my own experiences leading me to what I know which works for me and others.

In hindsight, my keen interest probably was triggered from having had skin problems of my own, suffering from eczema in my early years and at that point never feeling confident in my own skin, which leads back to today! I want to help women create the best possible version of themselves, there is nothing more beautiful than a women’s sensuality who radiates comfort and confidence in her own skin and that is exactly what we created with she knows.

Having collaborated with experts and product innovators, I am working with the best, embracing my passion and have developed an amazing, innovative and multi-functional product, which is free of parabens, mineral oils, sulphates, toxins, cruelty free (not tested on animals), vegan approved and using only high quality natural ingredients as well as our trendy, airless and functional packaging that will fit perfectly in any bathroom. We should invest in our skin. after all, we are going to wear it every day for the rest of our lives!

Our first product is the

She Knows - Lift & Firm
Multifunctional Cooling Body Serum

The inspiration for this serum was the need for an all in one multi functional product that would target problem areas such as thighs, legs, stomach, buttocks, arms coupled with a nice cooling effect and giving a natural glow in all the right places, blending easily with a lovely silky finish.

Curious? Please check our product and ingredient list to read more.

Thank you for letting me share this exciting journey with you!