How To Use It

How To Use our Lift & Firm Multifunctional Cooling Body Serum.

We know you want a seriously flawless, firmed, sexy skin. But you’re probably wanting to know exactly how to use and where to use.

Here’s a step by step guide.

Apply the product twice a day for best results continued use is recommended to maintain beneficial effects.

Step 1. Prepare your skin.

Ensure your skin is clean and dry before application.

Step 2. Apply the serum on the body parts.

Apply a layer on the skin, it does not only lift and firm our skin as the name said. The smell of a seductive woman from whom the art of seduction contains no secrets. The charming Bulgarian Rose smells perfect together with White Amber's timeless, sensual and unique smell. It feels very smooth and silky and blends easily on the body areas that require more attention such as hips, thighs, butt, belly, underarms, and breast.

Step 3. Massage and blend in the skin.

Massage in a circular motion towards your heart this stimulate the blood flow and lymph system, because of the massage there will become toxins free from the body.

Step 4. Leave it in for a few seconds.

To ensure you don’t have that dry and dull skin all day long. you need to moisturize. Hydration is the key to the soft, smooth and super glowy skin, and one of our benefits is the deep hydration and non-sticky formula. Leave it in for a few seconds to let it absorbs really well.

Step 5. Ready to shine!

Just rock the confidence and you are ready to go!

This quick absorbing Lift and Firm serum is perfect when you wake up, after a shower, after a day in the sun (also cooling effect) or before a (date) night out. It's the perfect product for all those occasions, 365 days using all year long.

Benefits: More firming, lifting and glowing body combined with an instant hydration and cooling effect on our skin.

Results: Happy and Confidence feeling in your own skin!