Driven by Passion

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Lift & Firm - Multifunctional Cooling Body Serum - NEW

Driven by Passion, Inspired by Women

I want to share my passion for beauty and the She Knows by Dani Lift & Firm serum with other women around the world. There is nothing more beautiful than a women’s sensuality who radiates comfort and confidence in her own skin.

She Knows by Dani Lifestyle

Are you ready to take over the world? Boost your confidence and discover! Sophisticated, Powerful, Sexy, Always a step ahead, Inspirational, Dreamer, Lover, Caring, Creative, Healthy, Passionated.

“ Usually I am skeptical when reading about how products can get your skin under control. Without sounding like various skin care manufacturers that promise you the moon, this product IS really amazing! ”

Hellen Al

'' As a busy mom of two little ones, I feel like this product is giving me back my pre-baby body. I love how firm my skin feels immediately after application and I don't need to wait too long to get dressed because it doesn't feel sticky ''